Automatic Rolling Shutters

Leading Manufacturer of Rolling Shutter, we at Jayesh Automation offers Rolling Shutters with various materials such as G.I., Galvanium, Aluminum, S.S. Strips and Polycarbonate (Transperent) Strips for basic installation.

G.I., Galvanium, S.S., Strips Rolling Shutter is the most cost effective solution for any kind of application and prevents the shutters from rusting also helps to provide them a long life with safety, security and durability. They are ideal where security is primary concern. It is commonly used in all sectors i.e. Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sector. Standard Rolling Shutter is manufactured from 19 Guage G.I., Strips. Rolling Shutter can be integrated with Grills or Perforated Strips at eye level for ventilation or see through purpose.

For special application where cool temperature, noiseless and dust free environment is required, there we have PUF Insulated Double Wall Aluminum Strips Shutters.

Polycarbonate (Transparent) Strips Shutters are provided where transparency or vision is required, at the same time security is the primary anxiety. With Interlocked high impact polycarbonate moulded lenses combined with aluminum section makes polycarbonate shutter thief proof.

Rolling grills are provided where ventilation and light is required with security. It can be made into honeycomb or rectangle type design.

Shutter can be modified to outfit any type of requirement were wind pressure and climatic condition is the main concern.

Free fall of the shutter is avoided with drive inbuilt with special anti drop device and additional electromagnetic brake.

Rolling Shutter can be operated with Push Button Switch or Remote Control.

Rolling Shutter manufactured by us is as per Indian Standard Guidelines.

Oversized Dimension Shutters are made with specially designed Strips by us to avoid bending of shaft from the center part of shutter shaft. Also it can resist wind pressure up to certain level.

Automation System Features

  • Simple pleasing design of structure with strong power.
  • Good drive/size ratio.
  • Selected elements ensure safe working and reliability.
  • Low Noise Levels.
  • Small Oscillation.
  • Lightweight and simple installation.
  • Simple manual operation in case of power cut.
  • Safety device in national patent of Chain-break.
  • Models are available from 300 kg to 2000 kg.

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